4 Things You Didn't Know About the Stem Cell Hair Treatment

4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Did you know that hair loss is often attributed to a dysfunction of the follicle? Hair follicles contain stem cells that control hair growth and may contribute to baldness. This “escape” may be responsible for the follicle malfunction. Then, why do stem cells “escape” the follicle? What’s the process that causes this? Read here some important things you didn’t know about stem cell hair in Dubai.

Treatments don’t involve surgery.

Unlike hair transplants, treatments for stem cell hair don’t involve surgery. In these procedures, scientists collect stem cells from a patient’s body and culture them in a laboratory. These cells are used in various medical procedures to treat diseases, burns, and major injuries. The procedures are typically painless, and no scalpels are used. The stem cells are then harvested from the same follicle, where they can then develop into different types of hair. Besides hair transplants, stem cells have many other uses and have also been used for tissue repair therapy.

They don’t cause scarring.

The discovery of stem cell hair growth has many implications for treating various skin conditions, including acne. The scarring process is cosmetic and causes discomfort because the tissue lacks sweat glands and hair follicles. Furthermore, scars are weaker and more inflexible than the skin, limiting a person’s ability to move or adapt to a changing environment. Until now, there have been few clinical trials to address this issue.

They aren’t painful

People who suffer from thinning hair can experience itching and scalp pain, but stem cell treatment is not painful. Hair loss is when the follicles have become unproductive due to ageing, disease, or genetics. As a result, the nerves in these follicles send signals to the brain, which interprets these signals as phantom pain. Itching and pain are not signs of pain; they result from dryness.

They don’t involve the infusion of stem cells.

Stem cell hair treatment is a new, exciting treatment that uses your body cells to regrow hair. It has been a relatively recent development, but the results have been surprisingly positive. In some cases, doctors have even used stem cells from other parts of your body to regrow hair. In one case, stem cells from adipose tissue were used to regrow hair. Others have used platelet-rich plasma from the blood and skin stem cells.