Advantages and disadvantages of False Ceiling

False ceilings are mostly seen in newly built apartments and houses. Their main purpose is to hide air conditioner ducts, wirings, light holdings, etc., and to provide a beautiful look. False ceilings have their advantages as well as disadvantages. There are several types of false ceilings which include gypsum board, plywood, plaster of Paris, and metal panels. In this article, we will shed light on all benefits of false ceilings and their disadvantages so that you can decide if you want a false ceiling in your home or not.

Advantages of False Ceiling

  1. Main advantage of false ceilings is that they give a beautiful look to the room. It enhances the beauty of the roof and gives the room a complete look.
  2. It helps in controlling the room temperature. The air trapped between the false and real ceiling works as an insulator by taking the load off the air conditioner.
  3. False ceiling hides all wires, plumbing pipes, air conditioner ducts, wires of fans, and gives the ceiling a clean and clear look.
  4. It is easy to install with the help of a false ceiling contractor in Dubai and if anything needs repairmen then re-assembling the panels of the false ceiling is also easy. False ceilings are easy on the pocket and overall provide an artistic look to the room.
  5. False ceilings are removable and requires less investment in case it needs repairmen or at time of renovation.

Disadvantages of False Ceilings

  1. People often install false ceilings to hide the damp patches on the roof. But the damp and moisture can reach the false ceiling as well and it could be harmful to your family as it can fall anytime. Even if it does not reach the false ceiling, the real ceiling can get damage more with time and you would have no idea because of the false ceiling.
  2. Apartments or houses now do not have high ceilings so installing a false ceiling means further reducing the height of your room and the room may seem small which can be suffocating for some people.
  3. A lack of cleaning of the space between actual and false ceiling can home insects and lizards.
  4. If the false ceiling is made of metal penal then there is a higher chance of getting damp on the ceiling as the metal cools faster and hot or humid indoor air can form water droplets after coming in contact with a false metal ceiling which can also damp walls of the room.

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