How Car Service Center Can Deceive You

How Car Service Center Can Deceive You

Did you know that BMW service center are notorious for their exorbitant prices? Those prices are based on the type of service you need to be done to your cars, such as changing the oil, timing belts, or transmission. However, there are some common myths about these services and how to avoid them. To avoid this, you need to know how to spot them. Read on to discover some of the most common tricks these companies use.

Performing ostentatious engine oil changes:

The Consumer Protection Act protects consumers against fraud, and article 35 states that contractors must account for the materials they consume and return the balance. Many service stations are guilty of deceiving consumers by performing ostentatious engine oil changes, which do not change the oil, replace the filter, or drain any waste. These operations look like proper engine oil changes but are done to increase their profit margins.

They can use the wrong type of coolant:

Many car service centers use the wrong coolant for your car, putting your safety and wallet at risk. Most carmakers specify a specific type of coolant, and independent shops often don’t carry them. As a result, many use a universal coolant, which any car maker does not approve of. It costs about Dh10 more a gallon to use a manufacturer’s recommended coolant, but you can avoid this by using a factory-approved coolant.

Digital odometers:

Digital odometers are a popular way to trick the customer, but it is also easy to fake the mileage of your car. The odometer comprises multiple computer systems that manage different functions, including tracking mileage. Auto service centers can take advantage of this fact to defraud consumers. Dealers and mechanics can connect their computers to your car to diagnose problems, and they can use special equipment to alter the mileage displayed on your car.

Power steering fluid flushes:

If you have experienced difficult steering, you may want to take your car to a mechanic for a power steering fluid flush. This process is important for the smooth functioning of your steering system. The fluid, called power steering fluid, is what mobilizes and presses the steering system’s components. It becomes dirty and contaminated over time and needs replacement. Here are some tips to help you get the best service for your vehicle’s power steering system: