What Makes a Good Medical Center?

What Makes a Good Medical Center?

To answer the question, “What makes a good medical center?” we should start by looking at the origins of this type of institution. Academic medical centers often began as small community hospitals, where visionary leaders poured a great deal of money into excellence. The early effects of such an investment in excellence are powerful, and they impact the behaviors of existing staff and attract like-minded individuals. Read on to discover the four characteristics of a high-quality medical center. Continue reading or visit https://www.dubaiskyclinic.com/ for more information.

Patient centeredness

Patients have an equal stake in the quality of care that a healthcare institution provides. The patient’s perspective is a critical component of many conceptual healthcare quality models. The Institute of Medicine’s approaches to quality measurement include the patient’s perspective in “outcomes” and includes ‘patient centeredness’ as one of the six quality dimensions. These measures are usually measured through systematic surveys of patient-reported experiences.


What makes a good medical center innovative? In the most basic sense, innovation centers should strive to improve patient care. Most hospitals monitor patient experience and caretaking performance. By measuring these two metrics, they can determine the effectiveness of an innovation center. Further, medical innovation centers must empower employees to come up with ideas, reward those who do and promote the sharing of ideas. In many cases, this will require some education. However, many employees already can be innovators and will benefit from the development of a medical innovation center.


Unlike some other traits, empathy is highly valued by patients, and a good medical center will foster an atmosphere that promotes this trait. While there are many definitions of empathy, it is generally considered to be a cognitive quality rather than an effective one. Empathy is essentially the ability to understand the concerns and feelings of patients, and it requires the ability to communicate these feelings and intentions in a non-judgmental way.

Cost of care

The cost of medical care at a good medical center varies based on several factors. The cost of lab tests, X-rays, and surgical procedures is based on an individual’s health and condition. Additional costs include operating room and post-surgical care. Doctor fees are another factor. While most insurance policies cover a certain percentage of hospital bills, others do not. For these patients, the cost of care at a good medical center may be less than they expect.